H2R Graphics v2

HTTP listener

Available from v2.11
The HTTP listener data source allows you to build your own implementation to get data into the social tab of H2R Graphics.
This data source listens for API POST requests and displays the data in a usable way, so that you can then include it on your Social graphics.

Adding this data source

To add the HTTP listener data source, add it from the list.
Adding the HTTP listener data source

Sending data to the HTTP listener

When you add a HTTP listener data source, it will be given a unique ID for use in your request.
A newly added source
In this example, UXKIOKQJAA is the ID of this data source.
You'll also find a URL to send data to, again in this example it is
See the full POST request below.

Messages array

Each POST request should contain an array of messages. These must be formatted as follows...
"messages": [
"timestamp": "UNIX_TIMESTAMP",
"snippet": {
"displayMessage": "Here is my message to you-ou-ou."
"authorDetails": {
"displayName": "John Barker",
"profileImageUrl": "URL to image"
"platform": {
"name": "YouTube",
"logoUrl": "https://img.url.com"

Message explained

id - A unique string to identify the message within the stream of messages.
timestamp - (v2.13) Unix timestamp showing when the message arrived.
snippet.displayMessage - Main text of the message - No HTML allowed.
authorDetails.displayName - Name of the author of the message.
authorDetails.profileImageUrl - URL pointing to the authors image.
platform.name - (v2.13) Platform where the message came from, like YouTube or Twitch.
platform.logoUrl - (v2.13) URL pointing to a logo of the platform.

The end result

When it all goes smooth, you will now see your messages show up on the social tab in H2R Graphics!
New messages showing up on the social tab