H2R Graphics v2


When you open H2R Graphics, the first thing you will see is the Launcher window.
The Launcher is where you can change app settings and open your graphics project.
H2R Graphics Launcher

Opening a project

Click on the project name to open it.
Opening a project
When opened, you can start opening windows for your project.
Within a project, you can open a Control window, an Output, and also add a Data source.
We will explore all of these in other sections below.

Closing a project

You can close a project - likely to open another one, or to create a new one - by choosing the "Close project" button.
Close a project

Create a new project (Pro)

To create a new project, first close your current project.
Then use the "+ Create" button to create a new project - this button is only availble for Pro users.
Creating a new project