Output window

An output window is where your graphics appear.

This can then be overlayed onto your production, keyed out, and used to show all your graphics to your viewers.

Opening an output

Use the launcher to open an output window.

This method shown will open a native window on your computer for use within your production.

Alternatively, you can copy/paste the URL shown in your application to any browser on your computer, or another computer running on the same network.

Preview output

In order to Preview your graphics, open a preview window.

The Preview output works similarly to the standard output, however, it will also show graphics that are Cued so that you can position them. Learn about Cueing graphics here.

Save output as PNG

Right-click on any output in order to create a PNG snapshot of the graphics.

This action will save a PNG image to your computer for your use.

When your output background is set to 'transparent', the PNG will also have a transparent background.

Hiding your cursor

To hide your mouse cursor, navigate to the app settings.

Now when you mouse over an output, your cursor will disappear.

Going fullscreen on macOS or Windows

Make your Output fullscreen by using the following keyboard shortcuts.

macOS: CMD+F

Windows: FN+F11 or F11

Output URL modifiers

Background colour

Change the background colour of any output using this URL modifier: ?bg=colour


Try other colours too like lime, black, transparent or %23444444.

Hex is possible, however you need to encode the # as %23. So the colour #444 should be written as %23444

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