H2R Graphics v2


The Rundown is where you build and show all of your graphics.
Rundown of graphics
Each graphic is represented by a large clickable area to show, hide or update any graphic.
A graphic

Showing a graphic

Clicking on a graphic will show it on the output.

Hiding a graphic

Take a graphic off-air again by clicking on it.

Graphic status

Depending on the status of your graphic, it will show up slightly differently on the status indicator on the left.
Multiple statuses of a graphic
From top to bottom, here are the multiple statuses of a graphic
Dotted line: Graphic is cued to go on-air.
Pulsing line: Graphic is coming on air or going off-air.
Solid red: Graphic is on-air.
Solid red with dotted line: Graphic is cued to go off-air.


At the top of the rundown is the Run button. This is very useful for bringing cued graphics on and off-air.
Hitting the run button
In the example above, clicking the Run button will bring the first graphic on-air and the second off-air.

Editing the rundown

Clicking on the Edit button will bring you into edit mode.
Edit mode activated
Using the icons on the right you can:
Reorder graphics in the rundown.
Edit the content of a graphic.
Delete a graphic from the rundown.
Editing a graphic

Adding a graphic

To add a new graphic to your rundown, click the + button to show the list of available graphics.
Choose any of the graphics from the list to add it to your rundown.

Lock the rundown

When the show starts, it's a good idea to lock your show to avoid any accidental changes.
Click the Lock button to do this.