H2R Graphics v2


Added in H2R Graphics v2.14
The `Map` graphic is H2R Graphics is perfect for seeing where your live stream audience is watching from.
In combination with the `Social` graphic, the `Map` graphic displays a location pin based on a location mentioned in a live stream comment.
Map with a pin added

How it works

The Map graphic can be added just like any other graphic.
Additionally, add a `Social` graphic to your rundown which will be used for showing messages and extracting pin information.

Getting a Maps JavaScript API key

Sign in
Use your Google account to sign in to http://console.developers.google.com Create a project in the Google developer console
Once signed in, use the ‘Select a Project’ modal to create a new project, name it whatever you want.
APIs and services
Once created, you will be directed to the ‘APIs and services’ page. From here you can choose ‘+ Enable APIs and services’.
Adding the Maps JavaScript API
Use the search box to add these two APIs:
  • Maps JavaScript API
  • Places API
Search the API by name and then use the "Enable" button to add them.
Once the API is enabled, there will be a ‘Credentials’ tab on the left, click on that. On the credentials page there will be a ‘+ Create credentials’ option at the top, click that, then choose ‘API Key’.
Your API key
If everything went well, you will get a modal pop up with your API key for use in H2R Graphics. Copy/paste it into the software settings.

Showing comments

Click on any Social graphic that includes a location and bring it on air.
If the app is able to, it will extract the location information within the text of the comment and add a pin to the Map graphic.
This works well for phrases like...
  • Hello from Paris, France.
  • John here, watching from the USA.
  • Hello from Melbourne, Australia!