H2R Graphics v2


How to integrate H2R Graphics into your OBS workflow for live production graphics.
Adding H2R Graphics to OBS is a simple way to get lots of graphics into your production, and it's fairly straightforward too.

1 - Launch

Start by launching both OBS and H2R Graphics. We're off to a good start.

2 - Open a project

Open your desired project in H2R Graphics and copy the output URL.
Grabbing an output URL from H2R Graphics

3 - Opening the output in OBS

In OBS, add a new Browser source to your scene.
Adding a Browser source in OBS
Next, paste in the URL copied from H2R Graphics and set the Width to 1920, and Height to 1080. Then press OK.
Configuring the Browser source in OBS

4 - Setting the outputs background colour

By default, H2R Graphics outputs have a green background colour.
Open the Launcher > Output and then set the background colour by typing in "transparent".
Changing the outputs background colour

5 - Good to go

And that's it. Add the Browser source to any scene where you need graphics.
Graphics showing up in OBS