How to integrate H2R Graphics into your OBS workflow for live production graphics.

Adding H2R Graphics to OBS is a simple way to get lots of graphics into your production, and it's fairly straightforward too.

1 - Launch

Start by launching both OBS and H2R Graphics. We're off to a good start.

2 - Open a project

Open your desired project in H2R Graphics and copy the output URL.

3 - Opening the output in OBS

In OBS, add a new Browser source to your scene.

Next, paste in the URL copied from H2R Graphics and set the Width to 1920, and Height to 1080. Then press OK.

4 - Setting the outputs background colour

By default, H2R Graphics outputs have a green background colour.

Open the Launcher > Output and then set the background colour by typing in "transparent".

5 - Good to go

And that's it. Add the Browser source to any scene where you need graphics.

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