H2R Graphics v2

Multiple outputs

H2R Graphics, in the free experience, only allows for 1 output. However for paid users, you can have as up to 4 outputs!
Learn more about the Pro licence here: https://h2r.graphics/pro

Opening an output

Opening an output is just the same as described here:
But as a quick reference, the only thing that changes for outputs 2 to 4 is that the output number is placed at the end of the URL.

Showing graphics on specific outputs

The rest of the magic happens on the Rundown.
At a glance, you can see which outputs your graphic will show on by looking on the right side of any graphic.
This graphic will only show on output 1
When editing a graphic, you can show/hide on an output in the Show on Outputs section.
Selecting where to show a graphic

The result

Once set up, all of your graphics will show up where you expect them to.
Like in this example where we have 4 outputs and a difference graphic on each one.
The end result, in all it's glory